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Evaluation Services

The Robinowitz Education Center is a leader in providing educational evaluations, diagnostic reading evaluations, and dyslexia screenings for children with learning differences.

Research consistently shows that the sooner learning differences are identified and addressed, the better the chances are of overcoming them.

Our Approach

Because students with dyslexia can still score within acceptable ranges on some standard language skill tests, the more nuanced indicators of dyslexia or other NVLDs they present are often missed. We use standardized and non-standardized evaluative methods to thoroughly understand and better diagnose a student’s unique academic and cognitive challenges. And, the evaluative process factors in background and history alongside multiple fundamental performance assessments to draw as accurate a picture as possible of a student’s verbal and nonverbal language skill set.

Assistive Technology Evaluations
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The Evaluation Process

Our team of experts review information regarding the client’s educational background, social, emotional and medical history, family history, and other details. They administer a battery of assessments to determine the client’s cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses.

Assessments may include evaluations of general knowledge, memory, fluid reasoning, visual and spatial perception, auditory processing, oral language, phonological skills, decoding, spelling, handwriting, reading comprehension, reading fluency, written expression, and math calculation, fluency and problem solving. Also offered are evaluations of Speech and Language skills, as well as Occupational Therapy.

Our team of experts reviews all of the information collected to identify a profile of learning strengths and needs in order to form an action for intervention, which will be provided in a written report. Please note that screenings do not lead to a diagnosis.

Free Screenings

We offer a limited number of free dyslexia and dyscalculia screenings monthly. These screenings are for children in grades K-3, who have never before been tested for learning differences. They are limited in scope, with the goal to identify any red flags of possible learning disabilities and help you determine if you need further information about how your child learns. A diagnosis is not provided in these screenings.

The purpose of this center’s monthly Dyslexia screening is captured by the following quotes: “In 2001, Reid Lyon and his colleagues argued that early identification and prevention programs could reduce the number of students with reading problems by up to 70%” (National Center for Learning Disabilities). Furthermore, “a review of research concluded that there was strong evidence for providing intensive systematic instruction to small groups of students who demonstrate risk for reading failure.”

*Please note that screenings are offered in-person at the Robinowitz Education Center, located at 800 North Road, Pennington NJ.


We provide consultations for families, as well as school districts. Often parents need help navigating their child’s unique learning needs. Our consultants review records, recommend interventions, and advise families collaboratively to find the best path forward.  Often recommendations may be made concerning the child’s educational program, which may include reviewing records. 

In addition, our professional learning consultants can provide consultation to school administrators at public and independent schools who are looking for appropriate interventions for students who have exhibited learning challenges. We also provide consultations concerning existing school literacy and special education programs.

Evaluation Services
Phone Consultation (half hour increments)$150/half hour
Consultation, Dyslexia Screening, School Observation, and Records Review$350/hour
Dyslexia/Reading Diagnostic Evaluation$2000
Dyscalculia/Math Diagnostic Evaluation$2000
Full Educational Evaluation$3500
Full Comprehensive Speech and Language Evaluation$2000
Full Occupational Therapy Evaluation$2000


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