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Academic Support

Improving Educational Outcomes

Our tutoring program offers educational support for students (K-12, college-level) and adults who have a learning disability or are simply struggling with a particular subject or skill. We provide 1:1 live interactive lessons, scheduled on a session-by-session basis. Sessions may be delivered in-person or remotely by a certified instructor. All in-person sessions are held either at the Robinowitz Education Center or at a public library.

Our tutoring staff is comprised of educators certified in a variety of Orton-Gillingham based programs, such as Wilson Reading System and Project Read. Our tutors are required to maintain certification in the various Structured Literacy programs in order to ensure that lessons are delivered with fidelity and therefore, lead to better outcomes for our clients. All of our instructional intervention programs have strong “Science of Reading” credentials, such as The Writing Revolution and Developing Metacognitive Skills. As such, we are uniquely equipped to provide multimodal lessons to build literacy, math, written expression and study skills. 
We do not use a “cookie-cutter” program, as each student is unique. Instead, we determine the best approach for each student based on their individual needs. Informal assessment is conducted during the first session in order to determine the roadmap of instruction, e.g., is the student struggling to accurately decode and encode, and which phonetic concepts are in need of instruction. We charge an hourly tutoring rate, and unlike others, we do not require that you sign a contract for a specific amount of sessions.


Written Expression


Language Therapy

Fundations®, WRS® (Wilson Language Training®)

Orton-Gillingham Methodology (Fairleigh Dickinson University Program graduates)

Framing Your Thoughts (Project Read)

Orton Gillingham Math

On Cloud Nine® (Lindamood-Bell)

Touch Math

Developing Metacognitive Skills

Keys to Literacy

Certified Dyslexia Practitioners or Dyslexia Therapists through IDA Accredited Programs, such as Wilson® and Fairleigh Dickinson’s Dyslexia Program

Expertly trained in the science of reading

Use evidence-based programs and methods to most efficiently teach their students

Required to maintain certification to ensure fidelity to the prescribed programs

Tutoring Pricing

  • 1 – 4 Hours - $125/hr
  • 5 – 9 Hours - $120.00/hr
  • 10 – 14 Hours - $117.50/hr
  • 15 – 19 Hours - $115.00/hr
  • 20+ Hours - $112.50/hr
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