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Professional Development Programs

The quality of our schools relates directly to the success of our communities.

Every family hopes that their child will have the best teacher in every subject they study. Extensive research supports that the most important factor contributing to a students success in school is the quality of the teacher and the amount of research and knowledge they possess about the subjects they teach.

The Robinowitz Education Center is locally and nationally known for providing expert instruction for teachers, administrators and other individuals interested in learning current research about language, literacy, assessment, executive function and math for students who have learning differences. Through in person and remote training, teachers learn to provide evidence-based practices, how to assess learning and differentiated instructional methods to meet the needs of every learner to achieve success.

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Expert Professional Development

Improving teacher knowledge and skill in reading instruction is especially important when looking at student outcomes. Teachers require considerable knowledge of language structure reading development and pedagogy to differentiate instruction of diverse learners.

Strengthen Teacher Practice

Professional development is the strategy that schools and school districts use to strengthen teacher practice. Expert professional development that is provided and used effectively will ultimately realize extensive benefits for students, their families and the community overall.

Literacy Instruction For Administrators and Teachers

In Person and Remote

Our literacy experts work in person and remotely to instruct administrators and teachers about the science of reading, beginning with foundational information about language and literacy. We carefully build instructional expertise by consulting with school administrators to understand the districts strengths and needs for growth in the areas of assessment, teacher knowledge and practice.

Diagnostic and Prescriptive Lesson Planning

We instruct and support teachers to provide diagnostic and prescriptive lesson plans, based on student performance and show them how to differentiate instruction to best meet student needs for the most achievement. We also consult with teachers and administrators about specific programs and assessments to most effectively increase progress for their students.These efforts work to empower professionals to ensure the best success.

Our Programs

Robinowitz Center consultants are providers of expertise at all levels. We provide public workshops, as well as training that can be individualized to district needs. For more information about Robinowitz trainings click the button below.

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