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Speech and Language Evaluation

A speech and language evaluation is an assessment to identify if there is a speech and language disorder that is impacting communication in school, at home, or in the community.  Children with communication disorders can have difficulty expressing or understanding language which can impact their social and academic success.

The evaluator will review information from parents about the child’s developmental and medical history, family history, and educational background.  The speech language pathologist will administer a battery of tests to determine the child’s strengths and weaknesses. The evaluation may include formal and informal assessments, checklists, and clinical observations during testing.  The areas assessed may include receptive language, expressive language, speech production, and pragmatic language.  Executive functioning, phonological processing, written expression, social communication, and reading comprehension may also be explored.  The clinician and student will have about 4-5 hours of direct assessment time at the Robinowitz Center. 

Testing and Assesssment

Review and Report

The evaluator will review information collected, score tests, analyze and interpret results, identify communication needs based on strengths/weaknesses, and make recommendations which will be provided in a comprehensive written report.  The detailed information provided will assist with planning speech and language services and necessary modifications/accommodations for the classroom.  

Upon completion of the written report, a meeting to review the results can be scheduled.

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